Before we review this book we must first be honest and express our own similarities to Heather Van Vorous.  This site is written by sufferers for sufferers and we too endured many of the negative experiences detailed by Heather Van Vorous.

While we may have differences of opinion on certain topics we feel that she is one of the best experts around and is listed on our own recommended experts page.

With this in mind we have reviewed this book as fairly as possible, however we felt it important to disclose our admiration before we proceed.

The First Year: IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)-An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed

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IBS Relief - The First Year: IBS

If you are a recently diagnosed sufferer and you have an open mind there are few better books for IBS than this.  From diet through to relaxation this book will help you to understand and more importantly manage your IBS.  It is a book that has been criticized by the medical profession, and by some reviews.  We do not claim it to be perfect, however it has the empathy of a fellow sufferer written all over it.

The reviews on Amazon also reveal the number of people this book has helped, and they must not be discounted.  It is a friendly and easy to read book, which we feels makes it point clearly.  Some may take issue with this, or may prefer a weightier medical tome.  If that is your preference you will not gain much benefit from this book.

Many of us have had less than satisfactory experiences with the medical profession and it is really those people who will  feel most comfortable with this book.  It could do with differentiating between IBS-c and IBS-d as it certainly favours IBS-d.  If you have IBS-d this will be a great help.  We finish with a typical customer review:

‘This book (and Van Vorous' other work) has helped me tremendously. My symptoms were debilitating. When I was diagnosed, I asked my gastrenterologist if there were any diets in particular that might have an impact. He said "It's different for everyone." And while that is true to some extent, he didn't even mention that caffeine and alcohol were triggers, let alone fats and insoluble fibers. When I discovered this book and started following the guidelines, my condition improved dramatically’.



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IBS The First Year 4.5

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