It is so hard to find a truly independent voice when it comes to any form of review, which is another reason that we favour reviews.  IBS sufferers are often vulnerable to good sales technique, because they are so desperate to find a cure.  It is very hard to think rationally when shopping with IBS.

The tendency is to try everything and while that is not always a bad option, it is a very slow and inefficient option.  It can also be heartbreaking as you go through product after product. More importantly selecting a bad product may make you right off a treatment that could help.  For example buying bad probiotics may put you off of probiotics, but that would be a mistake.

We highly recommend that you give some of the highest rated products a go, hopefully it will save you time and money.


While we recommend reviews, we have also conducted a number of trials of our own.  We do actually recommend that you use the Amazon reviews in preference to our own, as they come from a far wider group of consumers than our own.

Our reviews are undertaken to try popular brands out and see if they are up to the claims they make.  These tests are ideal for those who rarely find products that work, as the testers come from the severe IBS-d category who generally find that they are part of the tiny percentage for whom the product did not work.

This may be unfair on some of the products, however if you come from the aforementioned percentage you will have spent a great deal on products which claim to help the vast majority, only to discover that you are from the minority.

Top Three Tips

  1. Read the consumer reviews and in particular look for sufferers with similar symptoms to your own.
  2. Price does not guarantee that you are getting the best product.  Any product’s measure of success is whether it works for you, and you will be pleasantly surprised how often price does not indicate the success of the product.
  3. Don’t give up on products which work.  For example probiotics are almost always beneficial. If you buy a probiotic that does not work, it does not mean that all probiotics do not work.  You will need to be patient and find the right one for you.  

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Choosing IBS Products

Money, money, money….

How much money, do you believe you have spent on your IBS ?  Many sufferers would be willing to spend whatever they can to find the right products and treatments for IBS.  So how do you know that you are not about to throw your money away ?

There is no simple answer to this.  There is no one way to treat IBS, and there is no single product.  The reality is that it will be trial and error before you get the right one.  Probiotics are the very best example.  When you find the right one for you, the likelihood is that you will be evangelical about that brand.  This is then reflected in the customer reviews.

That product may not work for you, despite the glowing reports.  It does not mean that there is anything wrong with you or the product, it is just not the right one for your IBS.  Until the classification of IBS is narrowed this will always be the case, with any IBS product.

Rather than reading overall reviews read the specific comments relating to the product, to see if it works for symptoms similar to your own, do not assume that it’s high rating will ensure that it is the one for you.  Another prime example of a product which divides opinion is ‘Peppermint Oil’.  This is one of the most common treatments for IBS and is said to work for nearly three quarters of sufferers.  If you speak to a number of severe IBS-d sufferers you may struggle to find many for whom Peppermint Oil works, for many it actually makes it worse.

Sifting via Amazon

Getting to the right products for you quickly will save you a fortune, so we have included a couple of methods we hope will save you a lot of time and money.  

Firstly we have selected the products which have the highest ratings from and  While this will not guarantee that the products will work for you, you will know that they are high quality products. If they work for nearly six hundred people they may well work for you.

The sheer volume of  product reviews on will often supercede the scientific studies behind the products themselves, so they really are worth checking out.  We have looked at the main product groups for IBS sufferers and will be adding more in the future.