There are a number of products which assist with the breakdown of food in the digestive system.  There are many sufferers who swear by ‘enzyme’ products and an equal number who  are dismissive.

We looked forward to trying ‘DigestPlex’ as few of us have had success with ‘Digestive Enzymes’ before.  The fact that the product stated its all natural credentials so prominently along with the use of  ‘Goji berries’ suggests that this is very much aimed at those who are sticking to an entirely natural approach to treating IBS.

The product does not state whether it is for IBS-d or IBS-d, nor does it really state which specific symptoms it attempts to treat.  It is sold as  a product which will decrease the pain and embarrassment of IBS, something we would all appreciate.

So we ask, ‘Does it work ? Can it possibly work for all forms of IBS ?

DigestiPlex 100% Natural Effective Relief for IBS

Product Description :       

DigestiPlex is 100% natural source of concentrated plant based nutrients needed for optimum digestive balance and function. Imagine being free from the pain and embarressment of the complex symptoms of IBS. With DigestiPlex you too can make the choice for great digestive health and natural balance.

The Trial

It may not help that the majority of us have experience of a plethora of natural remedies, as we have quite defined benchmarks. We know and are aware when a product works for us.  In this instance, we would be hard pushed to notice a discernable improvement, however we already have a handle on the management of our IBS.

If you are a sufferer new to IBS then this product may be of use, however few of us could hand on heart state that this product worked any better than any other enzyme based product that we have tried before.  We do not wish to talk people out of trying this product, as it may be just the thing for you, as is so often the case with IBS.

We would not recommend it to those who, like us, already have a degree of control over their condition, as we do not see that it would offer a great deal of further improvement.  It is very unlikely to do you harm, so if you are curious then do give it a try.  S in summation we can genuinely say that we were slightly under whelmed by this DigestPlex.  Like all  IBS products we would always recommend that you try them for yourselves as IBS is so specific, however be sure that an enzyme product is the right one for you before doing so.

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