Teens with IBS Part II

There is no such thing as a good time to suffer IBS, but there can no worse time than throughout your teen/ young adult life.  As research has shown, hormones play a role in the nature of IBS, particularly in respect to the pain that women feel.  So it can be no surprise that for those unfortunate enough to have IBS throughout their teens, have to endure an amplification of the pain.

The main reason for the writing of this article is firstly to offer support to young people with IBS, who we feel are horrifically neglected, and secondly to hopefully offer some suggestions which may help.  To return to our first point, IBS has an association with older people, in particular older ladies.  As many of you will know, most of the assistance and writing out there is targeted toward those people.  For young people there is barely a mention that you may suffer IBS, let alone the extent to which you suffer IBS.

If you are already suffering irritable bowel syndrome the chances are that you have already suffered it for many years now.  IBS appears to come to later in life, or to stay with others from childhood.

IBS and Teens Part II

Whilst it is no doubt unnecessary to remind you the importance of tackling IBS, we must just mention it to re-establish in your mind just what is at stake.  Do you want to be all you can be, or do you wish to kept down by IBS. At present you are all wonderful potential, to succeed, to travel, to be what you want to be, however IBS will rob you of all of that if you let it.

First Steps

We are not a medical site, and as a result do not offer medical tips, what we do say though is to look around the site and you will find lots of hints and tips that may help.  That said we always remind you to make sure you get the best treatment and support by being as honest as possible about your condition with your family and Doctor. Some Doctors can be shocking with IBS, this is the time to stand up for yourself, so much is as stake, do not allow them to pass you over.

Diet and supplement wise, we always recommend good probiotics, good diet (Low FODMAP diet - Highest success) and for some peppermint oil.  These will NOT work for all, really serious IBS needs medical attention and care.  You may also need to seek therapy, as many sufferers have anxiety and stress related issues.  If you do not deal with these issues now then they have a tendency to get out of control, so once again be forthright with friends family and the medical profession.  Most of all, we hope you know that we are thinking of you and wishing you success in your battle with IBS, we are here for you and will keep adding to the site to help as best we can.

Dealing with IBS

Where to begin ?  Along with the plethora of other factors a teen has to deal with, IBS is an unwanted companion.  It is embarrassing, distressing and so hard to talk about.  If the nature of the examinations and operations were unpleasant enough, you have to deal with those around you, who have no idea whatsoever of the struggle you are going through.

IBS has been trivialised by the wide variety of digestive disorders it covers with the net effect being that many people think IBS means you just need the restroom a bit more.  Which as we all know is utter nonsense, but an idea that is regularly propagated by the media.

Not helping

So far we have established, that IBS is:

We are sure you could add to that list, however the point is what do you do ?  The one thing you have in your favour as young adults is that you are far more open minded than your seniors, who will rarely give things a try. That is your huge advantage, along with the fact that you are likely to be determined to overcome this condition because you know better than anyone that life is to be lived.

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IBS and Teens