Key Advice:  Start the day gently - do not skip meals.


Avoid anything that will upset your stomach, always. This is non negotiable rule.  If your day begins with something which causes harm to your digestion, it is likely to lead the whole day being ruined. Depending on the type of IBS you suffer from the advice varies.  If you suffer from loose and frequent movements avoid caffeine, sugar and fibre at all costs.  Bread and yeasty products may also lead to wind and discomfort. Non fibrous cereals such as cornflakes, and rice based products are best of your symptoms are associated with looseness.

If you are at the other end of the scale, fruit and fibre should be sought.  Dry fruit in particular Apricot and Prunes are wonderful for getting things moving. If your issue is with constipation, breakfast represents a great opportunity to deal with your problem in a healthy way


Once again if looseness is the issue then sadly avoidance is the best course of action.  Avoiding anything which is liable to generate a reaction is the key to success.  A  good substantial lunch is important, however great care is important in it’s selection.  Again caffeine, and wine is best avoided at all costs

If constipation is the issue a lunch rich in vegetable, and fruit is suggested


If you are not going out, or have a free day following, dinner can be an opportunity to enjoy the things which have been restricted.  Complete restriction is both unwise and unhealthy, allowing yourself a treat when you are able is a balanced and sensible way to live.

If you have a busy or important day following then a degree of common sense and caution are advised using the food rules at the start of this site.


Healthy snacks are a vital part of the day.  A common tendency amongst IBS sufferers is to avoid food when the effects of meals are feared.  Breakfast is often skipped if travel or important meetings are on the menu, food is skipped until the sufferer is in a location where they feel relaxed and comfortable, with a bathroom close by.

On many levels this does not help, it upsets the metabolism and creates psychological anxieties. It is impossible to think correctly and enjoy life to the fullest if you are constantly hungry or in need of nourishment, eating the right kind of snacks will be invaluable in keeping a clear head.

Little and often

Where possible, regular small meals should be taken.  As mentioned avoiding meals, is a common way of attempting to deal with IBS.  Taking small, easy to digest meals will decrease the pressure on the digestive system, and improve your digestion very quickly.


Sadly nothing beats still water, herbal teas, particularly Mint or Camomile will be fine.  Life’s better drinks are best avoided throughout the day.  Coffee, tea, alcohol, juice and soda’s will aggravate the stomach.  It is very hard to wean yourself off these beverages, so you may wish to do this gradually.

Be cautious of drinking in large quantities, even water.  As we all know, water is vital, however drinking too much at once can upset some peoples digestion.  This is NOT to say to drink less water, it is saying, that drink frequently, just not too much in one go, unless exercising.  This may sound peculiar advice, but many IBS sufferers appear to have a problem digesting food when they have taken on too much liquid, you may be lucky enough for this not to affect you.

There is much restriction for those who suffer from IBS as dealt with on the page relating to choice.  There is no quick fix or treatment, as very little is scientifically known.  This guide will help to make your life far more comfortable and manageable, it is down to you how many sacrifices you wish to make, it is your life and only you know whether you had rather enjoy certain things or have the control over your insides.


You may have a diet that is based on religion, health, ethics (Vegan/Vegetarian) or diabetes.  The application of the suggestions above will be effected by many things.  If you have any questions regarding specific dietary needs please contact us  and we will be only too happy to discuss this with you further.

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