1l low salt beef stock

large thumb-sized piece ginger, peeled

1 cinnamon stick

2 star anise

1 tsp coriander seeds

½ tsp cloves

230g sirloin steak

1 tsp palm sugar

1 tbsp fish sauce

1 ½ tbsp soy free seasoning sauce

200g flat rice noodles

1 small red (bird's-eye) chili, finely sliced

handful each of Thai basil and coriander

1 lime, cut into wedges

Serves - 4


Tip the beef stock along with 500ml of water into a large saucepan.

Sit the ginger in a frying pan over a high heat and char on all sides, around 3-5 mins (you can also do this under your grill).

Once charred, add to the beef stock. In the same pan, toast the spices for 2-3 mins and once they begin to smell fragrant, add them to the beef stock as well.

Bring the stock to the boil, then turn to a simmer and cook for 30mins before straining.

Meanwhile, cut the fat from the steak and wrap in cling film, then put into the freezer for 15 mins – this will make your steak really easy to slice.

Slice it thinly, then cover with cling film again and pop into the fridge.

Taste the beef stock and use the palm sugar, fish sauce and soy free seasoning sauce to season.

Cook the noodles according to package instructions and split between two bowls, topping each with the sliced beef.

Bring the stock to the boil and then pour into the bowls (the heat will cook the beef). Top each with the chili slices and herbs. Serve with the lime wedges to squeeze over.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food
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