Low FODMAP Advice

The Low FODMAP diet has been one of the greatest breakthroughs in the management of  IBS.  It will not work for all, but for many it will provide a way of living life without the daily burden of the symptoms of IBS.  Yes, it will involve restriction, however few would give up the feeling of comfort the diet provides.  

Sufferers of severe IBS-d and to some extent IBS-c sufferers appear to be the main groups, for whom the diet does not significantly, however as with all things IBS the results vary from person to person. We have already recommended Apps and the involvement of a dietitian, we would also recommend the assistance of the following books:

The Low FODMAP diet originates from Monash University which created the diet in the first instance.  The book is a great resource for the diet and highly recommended.  It contains many lovely recipes as well.

IBS, Free at last, is a slight variation upon the theme, this time written by a dietitian.  We have reviewed IBS, Free at Last previously, and we still fell it is a great book.  Amongst our numbers we have a sufferers for whom the diet did not work wholeheartedly.  Even they found both these books useful and although the diet did not have the dramatic effect upon them, that it has had upon others everyone felt that it eased much of the discomfort.

If you are unable to utilise the experience of a dietitian, then these books will be of great use.  While the diet appears simple in essence it does have a number of factors which mean that the back up of one of these books will certainly be of great assistance.

We have also included links to the new Kindle Paper White, as we know that many of you now favour the Kindle and many of the books we have reviewed are from Kindle Versions.

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