4 slices dry cured back bacon

50g/1¾oz lactose free salted butter, softened

1 tomato, cut into quarters

1 tbsp mayo

2 slices fresh thick gluten free white bread

Serves - 1


Put the bacon into a cold frying pan, then turn the heat up and cook for a couple of minutes before adding a knob of the lactose free butter and the quartered tomatoes.

Cook until the bacon is just golden-brown at the edges and cooked through and the tomatoes are softened – about 5-6 minutes.

Slather the gluten free bread with the mayo, softened lactose free butter and place the tomatoes onto one slice of the bread and press down slightly, then add the bacon and top with the second slice of bread.

Press down lightly to squish it all together then cut in half and eat, mopping up any spilled butter and juices with the sandwich as you go.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food
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