140g lactose free yogurt

2 tbsp Dijon mustard

zest 1 lemon

1 tbsp chopped dill

1 tbsp small caper, lightly chopped

8 portions or 1 side of fresh salmon, scaled (see tips below if using whole)

lemon wedges, to serve

Serves - 8


Mix the lactose free yogurt with the mustard, lemon zest, dill and capers and season with pepper. Now use to coat the salmon really well.

If serving now, either grill the salmon on foil for 6-8 mins (there is no need to turn), or barbecue for 3-4 mins on each side, preferably in fish grill to make turning easier.

Serve with new potatoes and lemon wedges, alongside green veg and salad leaves.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food
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FODMAP Food List - Full List *We recommend the help  of a registered dietician Low FODMAP Recipe and Gluten Free Recipe - Fresh salmon with dill & capers