450g/1Ib sole or lemon sole fillets, skinned

sunflower oil for deep-frying

50g/1¾oz gluten free plain flour


freshly ground black pepper

3 medium eggs beaten

125g/4½oz fine gluten free breadcrumbs

For the tartare sauce

100g/3½oz ready-made mayonnaise

2 tbsp drained capers, chopped

4 gherkins, drained, chopped

1 tbsp chopped flatleaf parsley

salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

Serves - 4


For the tartare sauce, mix together all of the tartare sauce ingredients until well combined. Chill in the fridge until needed.

Cut each sole or lemon sole fillet into strips, on the diagonal, about 1cm/½ in thick.

Mix the gluten free breadcrumbs with the cayenne pepper and leave to one side. Heat the oil in a deep fat fryer to 190C/375F.

Season the gluten free flour with salt and pepper. Coat the fish in the seasoned gluten free flour, then dip first in the beaten egg and then in the gluten free breadcrumbs.

Do a few pieces at a time, making sure all the fish is coated in each of the three dips.

Place a few of the goujons in the fryer at a time and cook for about one minute, until crisp and golden brown.

Repeat until all the goujons are cooked. Once cooked, remove on to some kitchen paper to soak up the excess oil.

Pile the goujons in a dish or on plates, season, and serve with the lemon wedges. They're great with a mixed, dressed green leaf salad.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food
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