900g/2lb lean minced pork

450g/1lb beef suet

225g/½lb gluten free breadcrumbs

½ lemon, rind of

1 small nutmeg

6 sage-leaves

1 tsp pepper

2tsp salt

½tsp savory

½ tsp marjoram


Mix the pork and suet finely together, add the gluten free breadcrumbs, lemon-peel (which should be well-minced), and a small grated nutmeg.

Wash and chop the sage-leaves very finely; add these, with the remaining ingredients, to the sausage meat, and when thoroughly mixed, either put the meat into skins, or, when wanted for table, form it into little cakes, which should be rolled in gluten free flour and fried.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food

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