750g medium potato, cut into wedges

100g baby spinach leaves

200ml tub lactose free cream

2 tbsp wholegrain mustard

2 large or 4 small salmon fillets, cut into large pieces

100g grated cheddar

handful grated Parmesan

Serves - 4


Put the potato wedges into a shallow microwave-proof baking dish, then cook on

High for 10 mins until almost tender all the way through (turn the wedges halfway through to ensure even cooking).

Heat grill to medium. Mix the lactose free cream and mustard together with a little seasoning.

Nestle the salmon and spinach in among the potatoes , then spoon over the lactose free cream mix, making sure most of the spinach is covered with sauce.

Sprinkle with the cheeses and grill for 5 mins until the sauce is bubbling, the tips of the potatoes are golden and the salmon is just cooked.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food
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