1 large or 2 small heads (about 300g) of pak choi or gai lan, roughly chopped

300g block of silken tofu

1 tbsp Chinese rice wine

1 tbsp soy free seasoning sauce, plus extra to serve

pinch soft brown sugar

1 tbsp oil

2 scallions, julienned or finely sliced green end only

2cm piece of ginger, julienned or finely sliced

large pinch chili flakes

sesame oil

cooked wholegrain rice, to serve

Serves - 4


Put the greens in the base of a shallow bowl that will fit into a large steamer. (Alternatively, use a lidded wok: fill the base of the wok with water and put a heatproof trivet on the bottom to stand the bowl on so it’s above the water line).

Place the tofu on top of the greens and thickly slice. Mix the rice wine, soy free seasoning sauce and sugar with 2 tbsp water and pour over the tofu. Cover and steam for 5 mins or until the tofu is hot.

Heat the oil in a small pan, add the scallion and ginger, sizzle for a min, then add the chili flakes and a splash of sesame oil. When hot, pour carefully over the tofu. Serve with rice.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food
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