Low FODMAP Diet - Update

As the Low FODMAP Diet continues to spread, we felt it time to review the current situation.  With the diet heralding such a high success rate, along with many life changing results we look at what has worked for sufferers on the diet and what to avoid.  As with any successful treatment, the Low FODMAP diet will draw many imitators out and with the internet they are able to do so quickly.  We would just like to state that the best source of ‘Low FODMAP Diet’ information will always be from ‘Monash University’ and in particular Dr Sue Shepard, and Dr Peter Gibson.  While others were involved, they were the true originators of the diet, be careful of the many sufferers and interested parties who have jumped on to the FODMAP bandwagon.  That is not to say that all other sources are invalid as the wonderful book by ‘Patsy Catsos’ proves, it just means that as the amount of articles and information grows we would recommend that you stick to the originators.  

This diet can really work, however if you pick up an inferior source of material, you may find that the diet does not work for you, which is a shame, as it might have been the thing that changed your life.  To that end we continually recommend the use of a dietitian.  Don’t take chances if IBS is ruling your life, the diet is best followed under guidance of a dietitian, again you could miss out.  Trying the diet on your own may lead to you dismissing it, if you have not practised it in the format it was intended.

Finally, as stated throughout, even if you do everything right, this diet may not be right for you and your own IBS.  Do not loose hope if that is the case.  You have tried and it is best to view it as an elimination of that possibility.  Everytime you try something and it fails it is easy to feel defeated, however over time if you can learn to view this as a step a long your journey it should not be so disheartening. For example a fellow sufferer recently discovered that their lifelong IBS had been triggered by excess acid production.  While trying the Low FODMAP Diet, it emerged that the diet did not work for the sufferer, who was then (with the help of a dietitian) able to discover the true source of the issue.  So in summation, we suggest sticking to the original texts and investing in the Monash Low FODMAP App, to keep truly updated.

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