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Zucchini & brie gratin

Eggplant with feta & herb dressing

Charred tomatoes

Zucchini, potato & mint frittata

Roasted carrots

Crushed new potatoes

Carrot & sesame burgers

Spinach & Parmesan gnocchi

Roasted carrots with carrot-top pesto

Heirloom tomato and mozzarella salad

Huevos rancheros

Zucchini and lemon risotto


Maple glazed chicken

Thai chicken salad

Braised chicken with tomatoes

Chicken with herbed potatoes

Chicken & vegetable curry

Sticky orange chicken with parsnips & maple

Parmesan chicken with new potatoes

Chicken & pasta salad

Roasted chicken breast with sage risotto

Mediterranean chicken with potatoes

Sticky chicken thighs with lemon and maple

French chicken with new potatoes


Sugar-crusted lamb

Barbecued sticky Chinese pork

Steak & Stilton bruschetta

Turkey & chive wraps

Sichuan beef with noodles

Sweet glazed pork

Cumin marinated beef

Spice Roast Beef

Korean rice pot

Warm spinach and bacon salad

Sticky stir-fried beef

Pork fillet with maple and ginger


Hot-smoked salmon & potato salad

Tuna quinoa salad

Salmon confit

Crab cakes with dill

Seafood paella

Roast salmon with potatoes & bacon

Sesame seed salmon with mirin

Sesame prawn toasts


Lemon and ginger shrimp


Blueberry & white chocolate flapjacks

Cinnamon ice cream

Raspberry & blueberry cobbler

Fresh iced strawberry shake

Raspberry & orange syllabub

White chocolate & raspberry cupcakes

Blueberry & lime ice cream

Pimm’s jelly jars

Banana and cinnamon fritters

Poached vanilla meringue with fruit compôte

Banana & blueberry pancakes

Strawberry & passion fruit meringue roulade

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