Nothing works for me

Nothing still works for me

So where to begin ?  If you are still feeling as though you are no closer to finding the way forward for your IBS.  Our first recommendation is always to make sure that you are clear and forthright with your medical practitioner.

Far too many of us can be demure on this subject.  Many (not all) Doctors are dismissive of IBS, so it is down to us to be clear about the trouble the condition is causing.  Be honest and forthright on this subject as this is your life, and we only get one go.  It would be a tragic waste if IBS overshadowed that one chance.  If your Doctor is unable or unwilling to help, then do not lose heart, many of us, got there without any medical help.


Once you have established that you are on your own, there are a number of options open.  You can if you choose, accept that IBS is there to stay and live your life around its whims, an option many choose, or you can fight.  If you choose the latter, do not expect quick results, it may be difficult, but it is definitely worth it.

The first thing you need to do is to establish as much information about your IBS as possible.  Do certain trigger foods effect you ?  Is stress effecting you ?  When are the symptoms worse ?  Questions such as these will help you build up a clearer picture of where you need to start looking.

Once you armed with that information you will then be able to seek the relevant information you seek with far greater clarity.  For example if you suffer lifelong chronic IBS-d- have you discussed the use of something such as codeine* with your Doctor ?  While this is not the perfect solution it can have a significant effect for severe IBS-d sufferers.  

If you simply search for information on IBS you will be drowned in a deluge of information, most of which is irrelevant or simply wrong for you.  For example the advice for an IBS-c sufferer will be entirely opposite for an IBS-d sufferer, however most IBS advice is simply generic.  If you begin your search for information regarding an IBS-d sufferer, who is triggered by stress, you will save many hours and days wasting you time with incorrect information.

To overcome the symptoms of IBS, and to be able to manage the condition, takes two things.  Determination and knowledge, the fact that you are on this website suggests that you have determination and are seeking knowledge.  IF you persist, and are willing to go through the highs and lows, you will get there.

* Codeine is a prescription medication that should only be taken in consultation with a Doctor.  It is highly addictive and has a number of side effects.