The daily effects of IBS

How does IBS effect sufferers on a daily basis?  One of the fundamental issues with IBS and it’s treatment is its lowly status.  More often than not IBS is considered an irritant.  It is clearly not life threatening, and its effects do not generally cause any apparent lasting damage, so why do sufferers become so immersed in the condition.

Due to the generic use of IBS as a ‘stomach’ condition denoting digestive issues, the impact on severe sufferers is lost.  Those who do not suffer with the condition, or those who may have suffered with a mild case will not be able to empathise with the level of distress IBS can cause.  When suffering with a bout of colitis or severe IBS,  most decisions are made around the condition.   Sufferers have to plan where toilets are, and to be situated close to accessible facilities.

Most variations of IBS involve constant discomfort, manly through cramps and bloating.  Whichever form the symptoms take they provide a constant and uncomfortable reminder of the condition.  What those who do not suffer fail to comprehend is the constant nature of the complaint, this is not an infrequent bloating of stomach ache, this is more often than not a perpetual ache.

Moods can be effected, depression is not unknown amongst severe suffers.  To be unable to have control over your own bodily functions is a deeply unpleasant sensation.  Sufferers  have to eat heavily restricted diets and to have to be constantly  conscious of diet.  

The psychological effects of IBS are far too often ignored.  The chance is that many IBS sufferers will have experienced situations whereby they did not make it in time, and such events leave dark imprints in the memory which can take a very long time to erase.   Such feelings are often then combined with stress and anxiety.

Please do not mistake this blog for a ‘poor us’ article, there are thousands of conditions which are far worse.  This blog is simply trying to draw awareness to the fact that severe IBS can lead to a loss of freedom.  Freedom is something that we can often think of in quite narrow terms, however we can all become prisoners to our condition.

Date: 18/07/2012
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