Without wishing to the guild the lily, I must just add that not only has my IBS been hugely improved, my energy levels have increased too.  I was really stunned by how much better this dietary switch made.

For those contemplating trying this, remember that Japanese cooking is very good also, although with both, watch the soy sauce, is a fermented product that will introduce wheat and other nasties. I would finally recommend that a trip to a Thai supermarket will excite your palette, there is so much choice and so many wheat free and healthy options.

Personal Diet Tip

Firstly I must state that this will not work for everyone.  We each have our own issue with IBS this is merely a suggestion for those who have in particular problems with gluten, dairy and fatty foods.

Some time ago I began a diet which was Thai in it’s foundation.  It was the single biggest leap forward I have had in a dietary sense.  The diet is heavily modified, but what remains are the delicious noodles, rice and lighter cooking techniques.

For a start many of the dishes I now eat come from a broth, which I create from chicken stock, with a selection of spices which work for me.  This will vary person to person, I am aware that garlic and chili can be triggers for many, so you do have to use a bit of common sense, together with trial and error.

Remember that will still leave you with many wonderful flavours, such as lime leaves, lemon grass, galangal, and coriander even if you remove all the garlic and chili.  Using those ingredients I poach vegetables, chicken or seafood then throw in some noodles for a quick, incredibly healthy and digestible meal.

Since moving to this diet, the result for me have been spectacular, however once again, I quote this is not for all.  It will suit those that are aware of their health and like flavour.

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Diets, like clothes, should be tailored to you.
Joan Rivers

A personal diet tip for  IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome