What is IntestAid®IB?

This innovative food supplement contains our exclusive Nutri-tide™ Nucleotide nutritional formula, plus selected nutrients to support key biological processes within the body.

Dietary nucleotides are particularly important for the natural proliferation of cells in the lining of the digestive system,‘good’ bacteria in the intestinal tract and particular types of immune cell. Dietary nucleotides within IntestAid®IB help support natural and efficient intestinal balance and long-term Bowel Health.

While it will not work for everyone, this product does have a very high success rate, and is as close to an IBS cure as many may get.

In very simple terms it helps repair the digestive system, the precise science behind it is complicated, however the most important factor is that for many it works.

Next to finding the right probiotic for my IBS, this was without doubt the best product I have stumbled across for IBS.

My only cautionary note would be to follow the doses recommended, I grew carried away by it’s success and took too much, which did not work.  That aside I would have no hesitation recommending that you try it.*

Why our natural approach is based on nucleotide science

Nucleotide science is actually very advanced. It has taken a long time, though, for dietitians, nutritionists and leading healthcare bodies to understand and appreciate the positive impact that nucleotide supplementation could have on our health.

The positive impact of supplementary nucleotides has been recognised by leading producers of infant milk formula products. When scientists discovered that that mother’s milk has naturally very high levels of nucleotides, many clinical trials were conducted with infants who were not able to benefit from their mother’s milk.

Formula milk supplemented with nucleotides performed significantly better than formula without nucleotides added. Hence, now the most popular brands include nucleotides in their formulation. Nucleotides are also used in some intensive care medicinal foods to help speed recovery.

Recent food surveys indicate that the diets we now eat contain less dietary nucleotides than diets eaten a few decades ago. Deficiencies in dietary nucleotides would have an impact on the body, and it’s capability to produce gut and immune cells at the optimum rate. This is why Nucleotide Nutrition has conducted clinical research in digestive health and immunity fields.


*This is NOT a sponsor page, it is purely a personal opinion on this product, which may or may not help depending on your circumstances..

My Product  Tips for IBS - Intestaid Ib

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