The Daily Routine

I always eat regularly, small, meals regularly.  I only eat foods I implicitly trust throughout the day, for me sushi has been a revelation.  It allows me to eat food I love at intervals which keep my energy up, and my stomach very happy (just watch the soy if your are on low FODMAP diet plan).

I always eat first thing, I never skip breakfast.  I spent twenty plus years skipping meals and in particular breakfast.  This was probably the hardest change, as I did not trust my stomach at all.

The following is a brief guide to my IBS routine.  The things I do, the things I take, that have turned my life around.

These things are highly unlikely to work for everyone, in fact they may only work for a few.  Like so many IBS sufferers, my life with irritable bowel syndrome is pretty unique as is yours.

By way of background it must be stated that my IBS has always been a motility issue primarily, with the swiftness of that motility the primary concern, while there was also bloating and pain, it was a secondary concern to the rapid nature at which I regularly needed the bathroom.  On this routine I have gone from living in the bathroom to a very healthy once a day.


For me and the severity of the issues I faced many of the IBS products recommended were useless.  Peppermint oil, and some of the antispasming drugs in particular were rubbish.

The two I could not live without, are the very strong ‘Probiotic’ I take, which has 20 Billion viable cells, and  a product know as ‘Intestaid- IB’.  Many sufferers stumble upon this particular product and like so many others, it may or may not work for you depending on your symptoms.

Intestaid has been possibly the greatest revelation, it works by assisting the repair to the digestive system, we will be featuring this product soon, as for certain people it could be revolutionary.

I always take a good quality multi-vitamin and zinc, as I have always been concerned that with the somewhat restricted nature of the diet I am on, that it is necessary to top up.


By and large, it is similar to the low FODMAP diet, simple and light during the day, and a touch more adventurous at night.  Fairly disciplined most the time, but like any diet, have occasional treats.

I avoid coffee, and alcohol as much as possible, which is tragic as I adore both!  Have the occasional treat with both, which reminds me how much I love them.  This is all topped off with plenty of exercise and great friends.

My IBS  Routine

Please note the educational material presented is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Consult with your doctor prior to starting any supplement regimen or making any changes to your prescribed medications.