By including ‘The Chimp Paradox’ and ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ in our books reviews, we are looking at the realm of rational thinking.

While IBS is a physical condition, over time many sufferers may begin to feel anxious, particularly those with IBS-d.  Learning how the mine works, and understanding the nature of emotional thing may help IBS sufferers on a number of levels and as such is highly beneficial.

Dr. Steve Peters hails from the UK and is best known for his excellent work with the UK cycling team.  His book ‘The Chimp Paradox’ is a ‘mind, management program, aimed at the public at large.  The book has yet to make a major impact globally, however due to the successes Dr Peters has enjoyed we felt that it would be a great book to review.

The Chimp Paradox

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The Chimp Paradox - Review

We begin this review by pointing out that this is a book designed for mass consumption, it is not a book aimed at psychology professionals, and the tone of the book may disappoint those who consider themselves intellectually superior.  Dr. Peters employs terminology that will lose those who feel that ‘Chimps’ and ‘Gremlins’ are not of sufficient intellectual heft.

If you are able to look beyond that, this is a very useful book in terms of learning to think rationally.  It will help you to distinguish and control some of the emotional thought processes which may add to the problems you face with your IBS.

Some chapters meander and there are some slightly odd metaphors, however as a mass market publication it will help many.  A number of reviews on Amazon lay into the book due to the way in which it is written.  The most common complaint being that they felt patronised.  We refer to our above point, if you automatically recoil at the use of terminology such as ‘Chimps and Gremlins’ steer well clear, this book has been written to help many, rather than being a deliberately intellectualised professional text book.

Thing Fast and Slow is a far superior text in that respect, however whatever criticisms there may be of Dr. Peters his results are exceptional.  You could argue that Lance Armstrong used a far more scientific and intelligent approach to achieve his success, we on the other hand may just stick to the work of Dr.Peters.

This book is a classic, and would be recommended under any circumstance, however it is highly relevant to those who may suffer long term IBS, and for whom fear and anxiety may have taken  hold.  If you have not read it, make time to, the hype after its publication has died down, and we are simply left with a wonderful publication.



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