Before we review this book, we have to mention a conflict of interest.  We have Low FODMAP recipes on this website, and we also have a specific Low FODMAP recipe website.

Our recipes are adaptations of existing recipes to help sufferers, however this book is a collection of original and purpose built low FODMAP recipes.

While we feel it important to mention the above, it has no bearing whatsoever upon the following review.  Our stated aim has always been to provide independent and honest information to IBS sufferers, hence we wish to be clear in our intentions.

So with all that said, what did we think of this book…..

The low FODMAP cookbook

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The low FODMAP cookbook - Review

If you are following the Low FODMAP diet, this will be a great addition.  This book has a wonderful array of recipes which will help you through the difficult early stages where it feels as though the diet is so restricted that there is nothing left to eat.

Each of the recipes we have tried so far was utterly delicious and we very much look forward to trying more.  The Low FODMAP diet does throw up a number of nutritional challenges and great books such as this will help you to enjoy a balanced diet.

We always recommend that you enlist a registered Dietitian to get the full benefit from this diet, and while this book does not alter that suggestion, it is a very useful aid to the Low FODMAP diet.  The recipes are easy to follow and there is a variety to suit all ages.

Our overall feeling is that if you are undertaking the the low FODMAP diet, that ‘The Complete Low FODMAP Diet’ is an essential companion, this is a handy assistant.  It must also be mentioned that 10% of the profits from the sale of this book will go to fund further research at Monash University.



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The low FODMAP cookbook  4.6/5

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