We have read two books which offer slightly different perspectives on a similar subject.  We start with ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’, by Daniel Kahneman.

We have included these books as they offer excellent insights into the working of the mind, which can be vital for those who have endured long term IBS.

To truly have control over the way in which our mind works, we must first understand the processes in undertakes.  Both of the books we shall be reviewing will  help IBS sufferers to think rationally.  IBS is a physical condition, we are not saying that it is all in the mind, however it does end up in the mind and when it does we need help.

Thinking, Fast and Slow

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Thinking Fast and Slow - Review

A brief glance at the reviews for this book will reveal that we are dealing with a literary giant, along with a seminal work in the field of Psychology, so what can a humble website such as IBS-Health add to the plethora of praise for this book ? Not a great deal in terms of the content of the book however we can suggest the reasons that this book is a valuable aid to any IBS sufferer.  

Thing Fast and Slow in basic terms looks at the two basic systems of the mind, System 1, he contends, makes intuitive snap judgments based on emotion, memory, and hard-wired rules of thumb; the painfully conscious System 2 laboriously checks the facts and does the math.  This may seem like fairly rudimentary information, however it is vital in learning how to think rationally.  When under the anxiety an IBS flare up can bring you will clearly be under the influence of System 1, however this book explore the deficits in logic that can occur through system 1 thinking.  

This book is a classic, and would be recommended under any circumstance, however it is highly relevant to those who may suffer long term IBS, and for whom fear and anxiety may have taken  hold.  If you have not read it, make time to, the hype after its publication has died down, and we are simply left with a wonderful publication.



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