Our chosen image may not be the most helpful in fighting the common misconceptions about hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy is most commonly thought of as a stage act, or a method of quitting smoking, rather than a valid treatment.

This misconception automatically rules out a large number of sufferers, who would not contemplate undertaking such a process.  Choosing the right Hypnotherapist will ensure that you do not end up clucking like a chicken or reasserting your prior beliefs.

In the right hand hypnotherapy can help a great deal, and in particular assist those who have been conditioned by IBS over the years.  So how does it achieve this and what should you look for in a hypnotherapist ?



Performed well, this can be a wonderful treatment.  It takes effort on your part, as learning self hypnosis takes time and practice. It does assist with the ‘conditioned’ aspect of IBS.  If you have been conditioned to act a certain way when under duress, this will give you a tool to fight that feeling.

This will not work for all, in fact I have to say that it will work best for those who are desperate.  Only at that point are many able to truly open up to such a treatment, as they just want to get better.

The Therapy

Any hypnotherapy will vary tremendously, dependant upon your choice of hypnotherapist.  We urge you to select well, as poor selection will ensure that you will instantly feel your initial misgivings were correct.  Look for a professional looking hypnotherapist and avoid those who make sensationalist claims.

The reality is that a good hypnotherapist will instil  lasting changes to your ability to deal with your IBS related anxiety.  This is not achieved with a swinging watch and the repetitive strains of ‘Go to sleep’.  It is achieved through the process of gradual relaxation of the body.

In itself this may alleviate many fears you had about hypnosis, I must confess a strong reticence on my behalf regarding hypnosis. I has an incredibly low opinion of the concept and took a while to even consider it.  I simply reached a point, whereby my IBS was so bad, I was willing to try absolutely anything.

The key teaching of the process was self hypnosis, learning to relax the body in times of stress.  In particular this focused on the stomach, which as we all know is where all the stress and anxiety is felt.  When under stress, or anxious the process was simple to follow, gradually use self hypnosis to relax the stomach area.  Surprisingly it worked.  I can not state the following clearly enough.

The success of this treatment relies on two factors.  Firstly the right hypnotist, avoid the bravado.  Secondly, entering the treatment with an open mind.  If you want it to fail it will.  Go in with the attitude that you have nothing to lose, because you do not.


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