What is there to amuse ourselves in the bathroom ?  We have once again searched high and low to discover the very best bathroom gadgets available.

They have had to meet the following criteria : They must improve the quality of time spent in the bathroom.  

The Eclipse Television Mirror embeds an LCD TV behind a two-way bathroom mirror.When the TV is off, you can't see it at all. Turn it on using the included remote and voilà! The 15in TV Mirror starts at $1,326 (£875); add another $150 to $300 (£100 to £200) for the 20in unit.

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Tired of turning the tap on and off? This 'intelligent tap' from iHouse uses facial recognition to identify you automatically and adjust the water temperature and flow to your tastes.

The touchscreen lets you access email, weather forecasts, and your daily schedule while bathing.

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Embarrassed by the sounds you make in a public toilet? There's an app for that.Polygon Magic's eco-oto plays a toilet-flushing sound for 30, 60, 90, or 120 seconds.It conserves water because you're not flushing the toilet to mask nature's orchestra.It costs just 50p in the App Store. And in case you're wondering, 'eco-oto" is an English-Japanese abbreviation for 'ecological sound'

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What's worse than plopping your naked bum on chilly porcelain? The UltraTouch electrically heated toilet seat uses a 12 volt sealed thermal circuit to stay 20 to 25 degrees above room temperature.

It's also treated with an antimicrobial agent to resist the growth of bacteria, fungi, molds, and mildew. Now if it would only clean itself.

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Uber-hip designer Karim Rashid has designed this all-in-one TV-tub unit for the Saturn Bath Company of Korea.

Soak your troubles away in this modernistic, white oval tub while catching up.

The LCD TV is waterproof, naturally

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Turn every shower into a dazzling light show. When the water is cold, the green LEDs shine.

As the water warms, your shower turns blue. It goes red when things get steamy hot. The remote lets you quickly change the lighting to suit your mood. Priced at £8.60 on the Chinavasion electronics site, this LED shower head is colour therapy on the cheap.

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