Having read a plethora of IBS books which make many claims, a sense of foreboding has become a natural reaction to any such publication.  The sight of a happy lady jumping in the air, with a title offering ‘Freedom’, instilled an even deeper sense of caution.

Fortunately the cover and the title were the only issues with the book.  To be clear this is a book about IBS diet.  It is not a book which will get to the heart of your IBS problems, if they go beyond diet.  This is quite clear on the cover, so nobody could complain otherwise.

From the start the book acknowledges the variety of different scenario’s related to IBS.  It does not offer up one way to fix all IBS, nor does it address the reader as if that is the case.  It is also honest about the chances of success and the fact that this may not work for you.

Such honesty wins us over every time.  Our constant compliant about IBS is the ridiculous variety of IBS issues out there.  No one book could ever cure all IBS patients, however some suggest that they will.  They won’t!

The book is well written and would be acceptable to those that want to just get on with the diet, or those who wanted to understand the science behind it. Falling into the latter category, we found that the book went just far enough to give the diet credence.  

For those that like a bit of scientific substance to their reading this book will keep them happy.

IBS Free at Last ! Patsy Catsos

Book Description :       Publication Date: 11 April 2012

IBS should not make you skip a beat-get your groove back! Tired of missing the fun because of your irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)? Confused about what to eat? Think you're the only one who feels miserable while eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, and yogurt? You are not alone. IBS affects up to 15% of teens and adults. If you could get your groove back in just a few weeks by trying a new kind of diet, would you do it? High-fiber diets for IBS are old school. It's time you learned about FODMAPs! IBS-Free at Last! has the latest on how foods you eat can cause your IBS symptoms. Registered dietitian Patsy Catsos spells out a diet program to help you find your FODMAP food triggers.

Thousands of readers of the first edition of IBS-Free at Last! were the first to benefit. Now it's your turn. Ms. Catsos translates the science of FODMAPs into practical information. This book contains your game plan for the FODMAP Elimination Diet, including menus, shopping lists, label reading tips, lists of low- and high-FODMAP foods, and a few recipes to help you get started! The new edition includes over 50 pages of new material: updates based on the latest research; more on coping with FODMAP intolerance and how to enjoy your favorite foods again; answers to over 100 of the best reader questions. IBS-Free at Last! Second Edition answers that all-important question: "What foods CAN I eat for my IBS?"

The Diet

For those unaware of the Low FODMAP diet, please click the link to find out more.  For those who are in the know, the diet is the one popularised by Monash University and Patsy Casos has seemingly written this book to introduce the diet to the USA.  She has done an excellent job of making the diet clear and easy to follow, although if you are reading it outside of the USA, some of the tips and recipes may be hard to follow.

This is a well written thoughtful account of the Low FODMAP diet, by a lady who clearly understands the topic.  It will not help everyone, however the way it is written and compiled make it enjoyable reading whatever the outcome.  The diet is easy to follow and to understand the process.

There is a website which provides further assistance and keeps the FODMAP food list updated, so do not fear that the book will become outdated swiftly.  We would highly recommend this book, it is not without the occasional flaw, however no IBS book will ever please everyone.  It is one of the better IBS books we have ever read and a great companion to the Low FODMAP diet should you be considering following that diet.



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IBS: Free at Last 4.5