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Digestive complaints have become increasingly common. Recent statistics show that gastrointestinal complaints account for nearly a third of all visits to primary care doctors and that nearly one in six Americans suffer from digestive disease.

In this volume, an international panel of leading experts provides a wealth of information for health care practitioners and consumers on the rationale, methods, modalities, and efficacy of integrative solutions for gastrointestinal disorders. Coverage includes a diverse range of treatment methods, such as meditation, massage, yoga, supplements, special diets, energy medicine, homeopathy, and acupuncture, as well as a special section devoted to mind-body medicine in digestive health and disease. In discussing unconventional treatments, the authors address many of the controversies that surround the remedies.

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This is a wonderful read for those who wish to explore the natural approach to IBS.  It is written in a concise way, and will  give those wishing to pursue the natural route to treating their IBS, confidence in the methods chosen.  It will not appeal to those who believe in scientific fact only, and in medicine.  While we at IBS-Health hold no prejudice about either method of treating IBS we know that many people will hold firmly to one method.  We have included the following review as it makes that point:

“Wow, great book. I am a biomedical researcher struggling with some GI problems in the family. I've been to a couple of primary care physicians and a couple of gastroenterologists. I was concerned with the fact that all 4 of them seem to be trying to treat symptoms with pharmaceuticals and invasive procedures instead of trying to figure out what is going wrong in general and correcting the source of all the problems. So I looked it up the biomedical literature and I see that there are good data supporting dietary, gut flora, and stress etiologies for these symptoms.

So I ask the doctors about that and they dismiss it, saying I could TRY those approaches but they couldn't help me with that because they only practice evidence-based medicine. WTF?! I just saw the evidence first hand in the biomedical literature! While I was at it, I also saw that the pharmaceuticals and procedures they prescribed are known to cause unacceptable iatrogenic problems. So I ask my insurance company if I can instead see someone who will address potential dietary, gut flora and stress etiologies for our GI symptoms. Turns out it's not covered! Looking around on the internet I realize that what I need is "Integrative Gastroenterology" that considers all potential causes of the problems and all evidence-based treatments, whether they are from conventional or "alternative" medicine.

Hence buying this book. I just finished reading through the book and it is exactly what I needed. Its got everything spelled out. Now I just need to find a practitioner to help me implement and monitor the tests and treatments described in the book. I realize now that I may have to pay out of pocket to get a provider who actually has my best interests at heart instead of a provider who I'm suspicious is simply exploiting our insurance coverage for monitary gain, with blatant disregard for our health. Great book. Great field. Very much needed.”      From:

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We again choose a book which is not one hundred devoted to IBS, however this book deals with all things Gastroenterological.  While this type of book may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we feel that challenging reads such as this can provide a far deeper level of insight.

Throughout the website as a whole you will find us repeatedly state that knowledge is power with IBS, and this more than anything explains this books presence on our review list.

One of the greatest issues from a sufferers perspective, is selecting the right treatment when each profession appears to have a distinct lack of respect for each of the opposing professions.

Medical and natural practitioners rarely see eye to eye, however successful IBS treatment will rarely involve just one or the other.  This book is  open minded in its approach and will satisfy a sufferers inquisitive nature.

Dealing with topics such as hypnosis and acupuncture will not be to everyone’s taste, however few sufferers will ignore any treatment that may help, no mtter of their prejudices.


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