False Claims

As a lifelong IBS sufferer few things make me angrier than false claims, and when trying to treat IBS you will encounter many.

If you seek out most of the official sources most will tell you that as yet there is no cure for IBS.  This is a thoroughly simple and factual statement.

There are though thousands of books, sites and blogs which claim to cure IBS.  There are also many thousands who feel that they have cured IBS, so what is the truth.

Very Angry

The reason for my rage is simple.  Throughout the forty years of my life I have tried everything, I mean EVERYTHING to control my IBS.  Every pill, potion, diet and book out there I devoured.  The only time I ever felt demoralised was after reading a book or taking a pill that claimed to ‘cure’ IBS.

The truth is that who ever wrote that book cured ‘their’ IBS, not mine and not others.  IBS is so vast how can you possibly believe that there is a one size fits all solution to such a divers range of symptoms.

I get angry even writing this, thinking of the times as a younger man were, I’d read something which promised me the world and then it failed.  All that hope lost, I sincerely hope that these people understand what a precious commodity hope is.

Different Symptoms, Different Causes

Let me paint you a scenario whereby IBS was ‘cured’.  You have an infection which requires antibiotics, after the course of antibiotics you develop IBS.  After taking the antibiotics you take some friendly bacteria, look at your diet and take care of yourself.  Then yes, after that you may have cured YOUR IBS.

Alternatively a sporting injury may lead you take take Ibroprofen or the like, you develop IBS, when you come off the pills the IBS goes.  You may even have been unaware that it was the painkillers causing it in the first place and unaware that it was there removal from your diet that meant the IBS cleared up.  You may then think that other things you did during this period, were what actually cleared up your IBS.

Stress, pills, diet etc can all bring on IBS which will then go when those things go, it does not mean that you have cured IBS for everyone else, nor should you be allowed to say so.  This should be so much clearer, if you have ‘cured’ your own IBS, I am genuinely thrilled for you, but you must understand that for millions of sufferers IBS can be a lifelong and sometimes debilitating condition.  A condition that is not helped by false prophets.

To be Clear where we come from

I have now got my IBS under control, and that is where we think we can help you, to be free of the day to day symptoms and to live your life.  We do not promise to cure you, if you’ve developed it there is a chance it may go away, however whatever the scenario we will not lie to you or make false promises.  

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Quote of the Day

The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.

Carl Jung

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