The average IBS sufferer will be sadly accustomed to these.  So in the spirit of positive thinking we decided to look at the very best toilets that money can buy.

Hopefully information on this website will mean that an all singing and dancing toilet would no longer be necessary, however in the meantime please check out these incredible facilities.

TOTO’s innovative NEOREST has a beautiful, modern low silhouette that results from the elimination of the tank, the integration of the toilet, and TOTO’s renowned Washlet warm-water personal cleansing unit.Adding to the sense of personal luxury, the lid’s pearlescent finish gently reflects ambient light. The NEOREST’s lid automatically opens whenever an individual approaches it.

With the mere touch of a button on its wireless remote, the NEOREST’s seat automatically rises and a water-saving 1.2 GPF flush mode automatically engages. When the individual walks away from the NEOREST, it automatically flushes and the seat and lid automatically close.

You have to admit that of all the crazy expensive toilets made of costly materials the carbon fiber toilet seat actually looks pretty cool. Not to mention it beats the 24K gold toilet seat by leaps and bounds in terms of practicality. Gold is flimsy, but this freaking toilet seat will be around longer than you will.

From the luxuriously comfortable to the luxuriously silly and impractical. These Toilets will not make you feel comfortable, they will simply make you feel spectacularly wealthy.

One of the most famous gold toilets was owned by ‘U can’t touch this’ rapper MC Hammer, the moral of that tale is quite clear.  If you think you have enough money to spend on a solid gold toilet, you may need the help of an accountant and psychiatrist.

Bathroom comfort for IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome