Communicating IBS

How do you communicate to others, how your IBS effects you? Do you even communicate at all ?  

IBS for many is a deeply personal and embarrassing condition.  It should not be, as it is not our faults, however it remains a difficult subject to discuss and even harder to explain.

IBS is very difficult for a non sufferer to grasp.  It is a term which for a start covers far too many digestive complaints to be specific, and its symptoms are not life threatening or serious in many peoples minds.

We believe that is very important that you feel free and able to communicate to those that matter your condition as it is very liberating to be around people who know and understand your behaviour and requirements.

Friends and Family

When you discover that you have make sure that you get those that care about you to learn a little bit about your condition.  They do not have to become experts, however a touch of empathy goes a long way.  I

If you are any of the situations which often lead to IBS flair ups such as travel, being surrounded by folks who know what you need, is  a great remover of anxiety.  It will also help for them to know that stress is a factor, and to be aware that piling you with pressure will not help.


At work, it is generally only a select few that need to know, but do be sure to let the appropriate trusted people know. Again this relates to the freedom of not having to explain unusual behavioural patterns.  IBS sufferers have needs, and he condition can stand in the way of progression and success if you take the embarrassed approach.


This short blog is intended as a timely reminder that honesty and being open can greatly reduce anxiety for IBS sufferers, spending  a few minutes with the right people can assist you in getting the help, support and understanding you need to live your life to the full.

The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.