IBS Treatment - Constipation

Constipation is a very common symptoms for IBS and one that can be complicated to treat if you follow generic IBS recommendations. We at IBS Health constantly complain about the diversity of symptoms associated with IBS and constipation is one of the key factors for that complaint.

In short constipation requires the utterly specific treatment.   While constipation is often attributed to diet, psychology is often incorporated into the condition.  The best and most enduring treatments will approach both.  The jump off point for constipation is usually diet and rightly so.  Our diets have become highly refined and for those rushing around with time at a premium, it is easier to dine upon heavily processed food.  Attaining a diet rich in fruit and fibre will pay dividends if poor diet is at the heart of you issues.

So Simple ?

If the answer was as simple as just switching to a diet rich in fruit and fibre constipation would no longer exist.  What complicates the situation is the likelihood that stress is involved.

When stressed, diet is one of the first things to suffer.  Not only is it hard to enjoy a good healthy meal, it is hard to find the time to shop for healthy food, and to prepare it.

Modern lifestyles also require that meals are taken on the go, which is very bad for digestion, as is the lack of sleep which often accompanies stress.

The net result for many is that digestive disorders arise, and it can be a matter of personal biology as to whether the effect is to increase or decrease the amount of times you visit the restroom.


Most constipation sufferers benefit from fibre, either naturally from food or from tablets and powders.  For long term health we would always recommend a good healthy diet full of fibre.  Utilising whole grain produce and fibre rich products such as Quinoa will give your body a great source of lasting nutrition which will also help give you a more balanced energy supply.

There are of course many medications and laxative to get things moving, however again these are not great long term solutions for your health which is what should always be at the heart of any thinking pertaining to dietary changes.  Thinking long term again, a key factor in any success will be your ability to analyse and accept if factors such as stress are playing a part in your condition.


Stress has become something rather insidious in society, so common that few of us recognise it any more.  It has become part of our lot.  With that in mind treating stress, can be very difficult.  Few of us can simply remove the major causes of stress, such as work and family, as life does simply not work that way.  The best we can hope to achieve is the management of stress and be aware of it.  

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