Dear Doctor

Doctors and IBS is something of a loaded subject, to say the very least.  The fluctuations in the standard of care and treatment are quite spectacular.

I will immediately jump off the fence here, my Doctor caused many of my IBS symptoms with his prolonged prescriptions of Antibiotics.  I could blame him, or think that he is indicative of his profession, but I won’t.

My doctor was a good man, that thought he was doing the right thing.  He has long retired, but I have never thought of him in a malicious way for his errors.  

Medical Profession

My issue is more with the medical profession at large when it comes to IBS.  For many IBS treatment involves round after round of examination, which leads nowhere.

Very little is actually achieved, in the face of lots of unpleasant trips to the Doctor, being pulled, prodded and poked.

Sadly that is a horribly familiar tale for severe sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome.  The sense of hope, followed by a sense of deja vu, when no progress is made.


The standard of care is quite simply explicable by the level of specialisation you are likely to receive.  Many Doctors are in the dark about IBS and use it to describe pretty much any digestive disorder.  It has long been a get out of jail for digestive issues,and is one of the fundamental reasons there are so many differing understandings about the condition.  When even Doctors can not decide, what chance does the public have.

We just wish that IBS was narrowed down, or at least there were clearer definitions of what is IBS.  This whole area can only be described as the original fifty shades of grey.  If Doctors were forced to be more specific, rather than having this wonderfully flexible term to use over and over, then surely specific terminology, would lead to specific treatment, which should mean better treatment.

There are some truly wonderful Doctors out there, who in no way should be included in this, however it is pure luck as to whether you are lucky enough to see one.

To the Other Team

It is with this in mind, that it is no surprise that so many people go over to the natural medicine side of the argument. While many medical professionals grow angry when they see the public at large buying into natural healing, they would do well to remind themselves why so many feel it necessary to do so.

Dear Doctor

Doctors and  IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome


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