The Can’t Wait Card for IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Mounting Pressure

With the current state of the global economy, it may come as no surprise that around the world governments are looking to save every cent.  One of the easiest ways to save money is the reduction of public facilities such as restrooms which we have no doubt are costly.

As an IBS sufferer who has found most public restrooms around the world to be ‘less than pleasant’, it is fair to say that in many ways we do not mourn the loss of the restroom.  What we do mourn is the lack of clarity surrounding there supposed replacement. There has been talk about this subject, but nothing concrete or clear has ever truly emerged.

We are not saying that legislation does not exist around the world, we are saying that it is unclear what the situation is.  Do businesses have to allow you to use the bathroom ? Is such a policy enforceable or fair ?  Certain businesses should not be forced to let just anyone use their facilities, however where does it leave the long suffering IBS sufferer.


Many IBS sufferers, particularly the long term ones like to know the location of facilities, as matter of course.  Particularly important when travelling.  To this end it would be nice to have a clearer system and a unified system around westernised countries to remove the current ambiguity.

This may sound like a ridiculous aim, however surely this is part of the appeal in visiting any country ?  A high standard of amenities will certainly sway many more tourists your way.  There are places in the world where this is clearly not an option, but that is very much down to the choice of the traveller, if you wish to visit certain countries do not expect pristine porcelain.


At present we have a mixed up, complicated system where no one seems to know the answer. Many of us will accept that public restrooms are a thing of the past and they were never very pleasant to start with.  What we need now is either a system whereby it is reasonable to expect a private enterprise to allow use of their restrooms or a look into the self financing of public facilities.

Having to pay to use a bathroom is an inconvenience, however for many it is a small price to pay, for the comfort and reassurance that having clean and available restrooms will provide.  We are currently working on a more detailed analysis of the situation and will be publishing that soon.


Great Work