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While we go into all of these areas in greater depth throughout the website, it is imperative that most IBS sufferers make note that it is rare to be able to fix IBS without looking at all of these areas of our lives. Whether it be diet or lifestyle, we often find that these factors can combine and contribute to IBS.  Looking at each area together can unlock many of the issues associated with IBS.

The key Factors in Fighting IBS

Each section has a link to the relevant section of the website.  We do do recommend that anyone try to tackle everything at once, slow and steady will win the race in this stage of your battle with IBS.


Perhaps the most obvious, however it can be the most fruitful.  Whether you choose to adopt the Low FODMAP or whether you find your own path diet can play a significant role in fighting IBS.


This is a major factor for long term sufferers.  Over time you can become conditioned by IBS.  Anxiety will arise at certain times when faced with uncertainty over availability of restrooms, and needing the restroom may become a reaction to nervous situations.


Our modern lifestyle is often rife with stress.  Lives are built around work, and there is very little time to do the most basic of things such as sit down and relax.  At the other end of that scale some lives have become incredibly sedentary, in each case we have lost the balance that will help us fight IBS.  Stress is a major factor in IBS and the modern lifestyle contributes to that.


The healthy message is everywhere.  You can no longer ignore the siren call for good health.  If you are serious about your IBS, then taking good care of yourself will help you tremendously.  Whether it be the positive mental benefit of exercise or the simple benefit of keeping trim and confident, good health will play a key role in your battle with IBS.

Each of these sections is covered in great detail throughout the website, but it can not be stressed enough that while it would be marvellous to fix IBS with just one of these factors for most of us it will require adjustments in all categories. The good news is that doing so may have a positive effect on your life in general and none of the adjustments required are generally major.  It is simple a case of minor tweeks and alterations to help you control your IBS.

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