A room in which IBS sufferers will spend a lot of time should be refined, we have searched the world to find the nicest bathrooms.  Some may be out of reach, some may be impractical, but we have got to dream.

Please let us know if you can think of any better bathrooms you have come across, we are looking for practicality as much as pure luxury.











We choose this design as it looked so comfortable. The idea of soaking in the bath with that lovely fire next to you is very appealing.

For IBS sufferers a sense of comfort is very important and this bathroom has a warm, comfortable feel to it.

While it may be too modern for some, the minimalist nature of the bathroom might make it a touch un-welcoming, were it not for the wooden finishes and fire.

Our next choice, is very nice and clean.  The design and clean, the lines are clean and it feels like a healthy space.

This will undoubtedly be too modern for some, and it does lack some of the warmth and charm of our other choices.

That said as a space there is much room for personal touches and it does give off an invigorating vibe.

We all loved the lighting in this bathroom. The candles are a lovely touch, warming and soothing at the same time.

Like all modern bathrooms it is very clean and clear in terms of design, however this bathroom succeeds where others fail as a result of the lighting.

This combines a number of features most IBS sufferers would find highly desirable.  It has a cleanly feel, while retaining comfort.

Beautiful bathrooms for those with  IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Glorious Bathrooms