Over thinking everything is a personal trait I have.

If there is a situation about to happen I have usually thought of every possible outcome prior to it happening, this is why I am the worst person to ever surprise…. I am rarely surprised or I’m pissed that I didn’t think of the situation in which I was surprised.

So having IBS which is worse with nerves and a personality trait of over thinking everything I’m f**ked when it comes to planning anything.

Every possible outcome is thought through to a meticulous detail, where am i going? Do they have good toilets there (i also hate shitting in public toilets), what if i need a shit on the way there? how am i going to get home? what if i need a shit on the way home?……

And then I have an over thought nervous shit, the kind that makes you feel really ill and in the end I don’t go out.

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What is IBS ?

Post Introduction:

The following comes from a wonderful new blog from the UK.  It is brutally honest, and will be recognisable to many sufferers.  We also felt it important to get a wide variety of sufferers from around the world to contribute, so that we can help as many IBS sufferers as possible.

Most people think of IBS as being a condition which effects women when they reach their thirties, however there are millions of sufferers who do not fall into that category.  This blog is written by a young Englishman and reflects the different ways IBS can effect us.

For those easily offended we do warn you that there is some fruity language, however none of it is out of context. We hope you like it and clicks on the links to discover more from ‘igotbadguts’.