IBS Campaigns

The Can’t Wait Card for IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Time for Change

While commending the work of sites such as IBS Impact, we are inspired to pick up that work and in the coming months intend to launch campaigns of our own.

The more time we have spend reading and researching the subject of IBS, the clearer it becomes that there are major issues surrounding the condition which need to be addressed.

IBS at present appears to be used as a generic ‘digestive disorder’. It is wonderful that through the hard work and persistence of sufferers that Crohn’s and Colitis are receiving the recognition they deserve, however IBS is not recognised in the same sense as it has such a diversity of symptoms, and severity of symptoms that few truly understand how debilitating it is for many sufferers.

We understand that from the outside many may see IBS as something of an inconvenience rather than a very painful and embarrassing condition.

How to get there ?

We feel passionately that it is time for Medical Professionals to create a far clearer diagnoses than IBS.  The current list of symptoms could be characterised as ‘any digestive disorder that is not Crohn’s or Colitis’.  It does not allow for any recognition of the severity of any given sufferer.

How can we expect to receive any level of sympathy or care when those who have severe issues with pain and motility are lumped in together with those who suffer gas and bloating.  Even muscle pulls and strains now have a clear grading,  a clearly diagnosed specific diagnoses has an increased level of detail.  This is for a condition which, is not life threatening and will go away with the right treatment.

IBS however, has no grading, no detail and often no clue, it is not good enough.  Severe IBS sufferers, will often have to make time and financial allowances to make their working life possible, however with no acknowledgement of the severity of their condition this will go un-rewarded and unrecognised.

Whether IBS is graded in terms of severity, or whether there are more specific diagnoses terms is a matter for the medical profession, however we will campaign on this matter as it is currently not adequately dealt with, to the detriment of thousand of sufferers.

Other Campaigns

There are many other areas of concern for IBS sufferers, not least the issue of restroom access around the world, however at present we feel that the need to clarify the term IBS is the priority as so much else is predicated upon society having a greater understanding of the level of suffering so many with IBS endure.


The Truth