Healthaid - Colonease

Colonease combines the classic digestive aid Peppermint Oil with Aloe Vera, Parsley and Clary Sage to provide a balanced formulation, which helps to naturally maintain the health and harmony of the colon


#1 Rated colon cleanse and body detoxification formula

Removes waste and toxins built up in the colon and intestines, flattens stomach, increases energy, improves digestion and promotes weight loss

The most effective, clinically studied colon ceanse and full body detox supplement currently available

Advanced all-natural formula utilizing only the highest quality ingredients.

Organic India Bowelcare

Made with Certified Organic Herbs by CU Cert in Veg Caps

Pure * Safe * Effective

Expiry: 3 years from the date of manufacture.

We ship all our items from UK within 1-2 working days after completing checkout.

Benefiber 155g 38 Servings

Food 100% soluble fibre Supplement.

Makes Taking Fibre Easier.

Dissolves Completely in Beverages and Soft Foods.

Increasing fibre intake helps maintain digestive health

Ortis Ortisan Natural Laxative

Maintains regularity

A traditional and natural recipe

Original recipe

Gentle action

Chewable fruits & fibre cube

Suitable for vegetarians

Ortisan Fruits & Fibre cubes are a food supplement that can help in maintaining regularity

Psyllium Husks 750mg x 120

Helps maintain healthy bowels by increasing stool bulk and removing waste material.

Supports normal cholesterol and blood sugar levels.Supports a healthy immune system.Manufactured in the UK to GMP standard for Guaranteed Quality & Safety

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

Super Bowel Cleanse

Healthy Waste Elimination

Promote regularity - Relieve Constant Fatigue

Eliminate Constipation, Bloating, Wind & Gas

Promote Essential kidney & liver function - Aid Poor circulation, Gastritis & Indigestion

Reduce IBS, Headaches and Allergies

PuriFlush Ultra

Is the leading choice for individuals looking for a proven colon cleanse and detox solution. This clinically studied, all natural formula effectively flushes harmful toxins from the body while removing dangerous built up undigested waste that becomes trapped in the colon. Users who cleanse with PuriFlush have reported increased energy, weight loss, improve digestive function, improve mood and sleep better.


*Please note that throughout this site we state that some the success of IBS treatments will vary from person to person.  We recommend that you use your own common sense to select products which make senses for your condition.  We return to our assertion that IBS covers both constipation and the other end of that particular spectrum thus the treatments vary  wildly according to the nature of your symptoms.

We have included a forum on this site and Amazon has an excellent reviewing system which will enable you to make informed decisions regarding each product.  Always bear in mind though that you are an individual.  We have purposely avoided making any specific claims for products that have worked well personally as we wish to guide you rather than dictate you through this process.

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