A Personal Tale

My journey into depression began earlier than I realised.  Depression comes in many forms, however for me it was a slow creeping process. A lifelong inability to face up to certain issues ensured that eventually things would catch up.


While I have had chronic IBS-d my whole life there was a period of about five years where it was in complete control.  Without going into the gory details, there are many of you out there who will understand just how all encompassing IBS can be.

Whether it be from pain and discomfort, or the often perpetual nature of the symptoms, few non sufferers will ever be able to understand the extent to which IBS can totally dominate your life.

Like so many other sufferers, I made the worst mistake possible and kept it all inside.


Many of us, are bought up to be tough, to face up to life without complaint.  In essence there is nothing wrong with this, however there are times when the most courageous thing we can do is to ask for help.  Admitting that we have issues and that we are vulnerable does not come easily.

Rather than asking for the help I needed, I tried to plough on and act normally.  I kept the extent of the problems I was having hidden from everyone.  I was in physical pain, I was embarrassed I was upset, I felt isolated, it was a deeply unpleasant place to be.

This obviously lead to large impacts on my life in general, relationships, friendship and work all suffered as I tried to keep things together.  I did not tell anyone of the problems I was having, believing them to be my problem and private.  It is very hard for people around you to guess why you are acting and behaving so peculiarly when you do not tell them.


Trying to carry on when you are in something of a state rarely has a positive outcome.  Relationships end, work becomes an issue and life in general ceases to be a pleasure.  If you think that you can simply get through unaided we plead with you to think again.

Never be to proud to ask for help.  Do not ever wait too late, things can spiral out of control very quickly.  When you reach the point of depression, you will have a major battle to get out.  Prevention is so much better than the cure.

While you may not be able to prevent IBS you can manage it, and we urge anyone who is feeling desperate to focus on getting themselves on the right path.  It will take time effort and patience, but it can be done.  We also urge you to find someone you trust, and to talk to them.


Having been in a state of deep depression, I can only say that getting through it has given me a great sense of inner strength. Getting through it was one of the toughest things I have ever done, however I got through it, I learnt so much about myself and discovered many ways of ensuring it never happens again.  I managed to avoid medication for depression and found ways to cope, however you must find the right way for you.

On the previous page we listed a number of groups that help with depression.  They are all wonderful and they will know how you feel.  If you are drifting into depression, call them, email them, simply ask for help.

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Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health.
Carl Jung

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