Low FODMAP Recipe : Smoothie

Author: Sue Daoulas

Recipe type: Breakfast

Prep time:  5 mins Cook time:  2 mins Total time:  7 mins

Serves: 1

Jump start your day with this delicious, nutritious and completely FODMAP free smoothie!


1 cup crushed ice

½ cup almond milk

1 banana

6 strawberries


Add ice to blender and crush until it is in fine pieces (approximately 1 minute if you start with crushed ice or 2 minutes if you start with cubes).

While ice is being crushed, measure the almond milk, peel the banana and break into chunks, and clean the strawberries and cut each in half.

When ice is ready, add milk and fruit and blend on “smoothie” setting for approximately 1 minute.

Pour into glass and ENJOY!


Be sure to have your milk and fruit ready to add. If you let the ice sit in the blender while you clean the fruit, it may become too solid to blend.  Create your own fruit smoothie with an combination of FODMAP friendly fruit such as:  ¼ cup raspberries ¼ cup blueberries  Makes 1 serving.

Taken From: http://fodmapliving.com/sample-page/breakfast-ideas/fodmap-free-smoothie/


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