Coping with Nerves

While there are crossovers between nervousness and anxiety, we feel it deserves separation.   Nervousness can manifest itself in many ways and can be linked to confidence.

Feeling nervous about your symptoms has a self perpetuating effect.  You may be nervous about going somewhere new, or edgy due to changes.

New jobs, and upheaval will undoubtedly effect your nerves, particularly as we generally seek comfort and the familiar.  We have taken a guide from Wiki How, on coping with nerves.

In this instance it gives a great list of  ways to deal with the immediate onset of nerves and coping in situations whereby nerves will play a part.

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Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health.
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Tips to help deal with Nerves

1 First, take a deep breath. Count to ten as you breathe in, hold your breath for a count of ten, and breathe out to a count of ten. Keep doing this until you feel calm once more.

2 Say, "I can do this." Say this until you yourself believe this. Concentrate entirely on yourself doing the task that makes you nervous.

3 Shake yourself around and walk for awhile. Walking makes endorphins come out, which makes you happy! This will calm the nerves even more!

4 Try to get to sleep early. The earlier you go to sleep, the faster you'll get to go to the place!

5 Imagine yourself, not only doing the task successfully, but doing it magnificently and in the best way possible. For example, if you are nervous about talking to a crush, imagine yourself striking up a funny, engaging conversation that has everyone laughing and him/her looking at you in a whole new way. Or, if you are performing something, think about everyone giving a huge round of applause afterwards for you! Keeping that picture in your mind, do it!

6 Do yoga or meditation. Look up on youtube for yoga and meditation videos. Although yoga might be more effective because you are doing poses and stretching, meditation clears your mind and helps other people much more. Do focus more on whatever technique helps and benefits you.

7 Be active so you can go to bed early the day before. Work out a lot. That way you will be tired and can go to bed early, which would pass more time, making less worry. Plus, sleeping naturally calms you and when you have enough sleep, things may not worry you as much