IBS Treatment Strategies

Over the coming weeks we will be looking at the various ways to treat IBS in more detail.  Throughout the website so far you will find a variety of ideas for treatments, however on these pages we will endeavour to far more specific.  The suggestions are only that, as we state throughout you are unique, however they will offer you a jump off point, for you to begin.

We hope this will save you a great deal of time and trouble, and get you to the right place without the trials and tribulations, that so many IBS sufferers endure.

Symptoms:   Bloating, Gas and mild aches

Symptoms:   Chronic Abdominal pain

Symptoms:   Rapid, frequent motility

Symptoms:   Constipation

Symptoms:   Bacterial issues

Symptoms:   All of the above

Bloating, gas and mild aches Constipation Chronic Abdominal Pain Rapid Frequent Motility Bacterial Infections Variety of Symptoms
Treatment Strategies