Introduction to IBS Treatments

With such a wide variation of symptoms for IBS, selecting the appropriate  treatment is never easy.  Most  will generally manage the condition as opposed to cure, however they can be very successful.  Throughout this website we have been highly critical of the ridiculously vague nature in which IBS is so often diagnosed, and in particular the effect this has on successful treatment.

We urge you to take great care and consideration in selecting your treatment.  It is vital that you apply the common sense philosophy that we espouse right from the start.  As IBS sufferers we are all vulnerable to a good sales patter, if you have a condition which is dominating your life then you will be inclined to want a quick fix.

Whenever considering which treatment is appropriate for you, you should take into account account your own symptoms. Generic  treatments will often work for some, but not all, so do not be disillusioned if they do not work for you.   Typical example include Peppermint oil, which is highly successful in percentage terms yet for many severe sufferers it does not work at all.     

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Medical Procedures

We are not a medical site, and therefore would not begin to offer the benefit of our knowledge on an area for which we are unqualified to do so.  Many sufferers will undergo a variety of Medical IBS treatments and for that you are in the hands of your Gastroenterologist.  The success is entirely predicated upon the ability of your Gastro to find the right path for you.

In a fusion between, modern science and natural therapy there has been a growth in the number of Fecal Transplants.  Without sharing any unpleasant details this procedure transplants the healthy fecal matter of a donor into the digestive system of a patient who has a problem producing healthy stomach flora. This is a growth, and seemingly successful area, although it has yet to be rolled out on a wide scale as of yet.


Anxiety, stress and depression are all often linked with IBS.  Psychology is often neglected IBS treatment, as it is easy to become fixated on the physical condition.    There is a brain, gut connection which can not be avoided and given that it is psychological issues such as stress, which trigger IBS for many in the first place it is vital to address psychological factors.

For long term patients, overcoming the way in which the mind can become conditioned by IBS is a major challenge, and from personal experience we recommend that it is investigated.  Hypnotherapy may also be used at this point, however we o not mean the type of hypnotherapy experienced on stage.

Scientific Vs Natural IBS Treatments

One of the toughest calls when selecting IBS treatments, is whether to opt for a scientific or natural approach.   We have written extensively on this topic, as it is a subject which often polarises opinion.  We are aware that many IBS sufferers feel let down by the medical profession, who fail to provide an answer to their condition and as a result opt to follow the natural path.

Treatments may start simply with supplements, then move on to dietary controls and in long term cases will often require psychological treatment.  Long terms sufferers are best advised to pursue a holistic approach to dealing with their condition.


Basic IBS supplements such as Peppermint oil, work for many, who have relatively mild IBS.  If IBS has only recently been diagnosed, then it would be common sense to begin by trying the products which have the highest success rate.  This will not guarantee that it works, but it should save you a great deal of time. There are many  treatments out there that do not work at all and we do urge patience as treatments need to be tailored to your IBS.

Probiotics have gained a great deal of traction over the years, as more and more evidence emerges to support many of their claims.  We have written on this subject as choosing a Probiotic will vary depending on the nature of your IBS Symptoms. Choosing incorrectly may mean that you feel no benefit at all and therefore give up on the idea before giving it time to work.  It is worth shopping around and you will find many IBS sufferers who swear by a good brand of probiotic.

Anti-spasming medication may be given to some by the medical profession, however medication is already available which targets this motility related issue in IBS.  Products such as Buscopan will target the pain and motility issues generated by spasming and may be worth trying.

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IBS Treatments

Science                                   VS                                            Nature

Do not be suckered it by treatments that offer quick fixes as they are rare.  All of us at have at some point wasted a great deal of money on IBS treatments which promised us relief.  Singular treatments often fail, looking at the bigger picture is almost always the best way to provide a ‘lasting’ fix.

It is a trial and error process, which you will eventually win, of you keep note of how you are getting on, and always keep common sense in mind.  


Diet may be a major contributor in many sufferers lives.  Most IBS sufferers will have a large list if ‘trigger foods’ and food which they avoid in general.  It is very important to keep track of this as it may help you to understand your condition better. There are now a number of diets which offer clear guidelines to follow.

The low FODMAP diet is presently the most keenly followed diet by IBS sufferers.  We have dedicated a large section of the website to this diet and included many recipes.  The FODMAP diet has a very high success ratio, although as with everything it does not work for all.

Other diets such as Paleo, Mayr and Hay may also be worth trying, Paleo in particular is gaining a loyal following.  Sadly for IBS sufferers diet is very much a trial and error area.


We have barely touched upon the wealth of IBS treatments available. Many of the  treatments suggested are dealt with in greater deal throughout the website.  As we stated right at the start the one thing we urge is patience, finding what works for you will most likely take time.

For most suffers, long term in particular it is worth remembering that attention to one area of your condition rarely provides answers.  We strongly recommend that you address the following

This is not an easy condition to fix, or cope with, it generally requires sacrifice and some tough compromises, but it is worth it.

Please note the educational material presented is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Consult with your doctor prior to starting any supplement regimen or making any changes to your prescribed medications.

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