Dr. F. X. Mayr

Born on 28 November 1875 in Gröbming

Studied medicine in Graz

Died on 21 September 1965 in Gröbming

It was the great achievement of Dr. Mayr to recognise and emphasise the importance of the digestive system for healthy nutrition. As a scientist, Dr. Mayr committed himself throughout his life to identify the criteria of a healthy digestive system by means of diagnostics.

Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr was an Austrian physician with very special capabilities, acute observation and great acumen in identifying important relationships as well as clarity in expressing his findings. This is why it all also began quite simply.

F.X. Mayr was born in Gröbming on 28 November 1975. He grew up in the rural environment of the Ennstal in Styria in the Austrian heartland. Due to fortunate circumstances, he was able to first visit the Gymnasium in the regional capital Graz and later study medicine there. During this time, he already developed an interest in the digestive system and its role in good health and disease. He sought to determine the signs of a healthy digestive apparatus, asking:

What are its limits?

How can doctors determine whether the digestive system is healthy, under strain or ill?

And where is the boundary at which health turns into illness?

Finding that these questions were not adequately answered by his teachers at university and that the literature then available could also not satisfy him, F.X. Mayr devoted himself to meeting this medical challenge.

Dr. Mayr practiced medicine in Karlsbad and Marienbad in what is now Slovakia. He had his patients fast to find out how this “rest cure of the digestive system” affected their illness. To his initial astonishment, he discovered that even complaints he did not see as caused by the digestive system improved. Rheumatic complaints were reduced, headaches vanished and even cardiovascular disorders disappeared like snow in the sun.

But what distinguished Dr. Mayr from other doctors were his very detailed observations and their documentation. He ultimately noted that his therapy resulted in complete restoration of the health of patients and described exactly where and how that result was achieved. This enabled him to state very simply what defines optimal health in an organ like the digestive tract, including its form, size, location and performance characteristics. He described these details not only for the intestine and liver, but for all organs and tissues and hence for the entire human being.

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Key Tips from Dr F.X. Mayr

There is much to be learnt from Dr Mayr.  His beliefs that so many of our ailments derive from our digestive system were way ahead of there time.  In many ways he was to dieticians what Jung was to psychiatrists, a pioneer.

Whilst there are some areas of his work which may cause a degree of consternation the basic principals of Mayr are pure common sense.  IBS sufferers generally have a weak or damage system, so by following the practices laid down by Mayr and now developed by Dr Harold Stossier. None of the recommendations below are outlandish or hard to follow and we do recommend that you try to fit them into your routine.


Probably the most  simple but effective piece of dietary advice from Dr Mayr relates to the simple act of chewing your food.  Chewing is the very start of the digestive process, and is pivotal in reducing the strain on the dietary system.

Mastication introduces enzymes into you food, and lets the digestive system begin its function.  By ensuring that food is properly chewed, it will create matter that is simple for the body to convert into vital nutrients.

Mealtimes and sizes

Chewing food will see most adults eat less food, as they feel full earlier.  Ensuring that you eat plenty early in the day and do not eat big meals in the evening will also reduce the strain.  In particular raw food should not be eaten later than four p.m. wherever possible.   Meat is best eaten early and easy to digest meats such as Turkey and Chicken are advised.  Meat digestion requires a lot of acid to be produced, and the digestion process ‘rots’ the meat.  Mayr suggests eating meat one day and not the next can be advisable.

PH Neutral

If you do have a high protein diet it is likely that you produce a lot of acid during digestion.  The body prefers a neutral PH so it is imperative to eat alkaline foods to balance the body s PH  levels.


Drinking plenty of good quality water is regarded as key to the success of the Mayr plan.  This is a frequent dietary suggestion, and Mayr was always clear of its importance.   Green tea is the only caffeinated drink allowed however most herbal teas are fine.

There is much more to the Mayr diet, however these are the key points, we do recommend reading the books about Mayr or even visiting the clinic.  There is sound science behind the majority of his work and Dr Stossier has a dedicated following.  The diet will also help you to loose weight, tone up and feel good.

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