It may not be cancer, or anything of such gravity, however IBS sufferers have a great deal to contend with.  It is a very personal and private issue.  Very little is truly known about it’s causes and no cure is yet known.  If you do decide to tell a friend or member of the family, it is very hard for them to help you, it is not something they can empathize with.

Meeting new people can become pressured, do you really want to tell a new acquaintance that you suffer from IBS?  If you don’t, then you can come under pressure, when you repeatedly need the bathroom.  For most sufferers a plethora of excuses will be  issued as it is not a problem that is readily shared with someone new.

If or when you have an accident, the psychological impact is vast.  For some time after it lives with you.  The embarrassment, the discomfort is fresh in the memory.  This generates future anxieties, which take time to places and stimuli may take on a sinister new role in your life.  At one time I avoided  a particular musical artist after an accident occurred while listening to their music, a few notes of their music created anxiety.

With the paucity of information that works  available, it is very hard to understand what is happening.  From a personal perspective I kept reading in guide after guide that I needed fibre, it was vital for my IBS.  Few things make my IBS worse than fruit or fibre, however in all the information I was reading I was being told that it was the thing I needed the most.

Fibre may work for some, however the massive flaw in so much IBS information is that it generalizes about a condition, which covers far too wide an umbrella of  issues.  Psychologically speaking this ‘blindness’ is one of the greatest issues.  Finding a decent source of advice adds to the anxiety and weight of the issue.  Medical assistance has always been poor, they lack the empathy to understand the condition.  Little information and support is given regarding  the psychological side.

The worst thing about IBS is that life is not a rehearsal, we only get one opportunity in this life and IBS can deprive you of so much if you let it.  I gave up so many things I loved as a result.  A keen sportsman, I had to quit as a result of IBS, or at least as a result of the anxiety it caused.  Social engagements, travel, relationships have all been devastated by IBS at some point or another.   It has only been since I got the IBS under control l and began to appreciate life again that it struck me how much I had missed and worse still, that it was too late for me to change the things I’d missed.

The aim of this site is for you to take up the challenge of controlling your IBS so that you can enjoy your life again. There may be some issues, however with your determination to win, and our determination to help, we have no doubt that we can get you back living a life ruled by you, not your IBS.

Overcoming the challenges

Only one person can dictate how your life will be from here on in.  Do you wish to be ruled by IBS or are you willing to make sacrifices?  At the moment it probably feels as though you are being controlled by you IBS.  By taking the information on these pages and by taking the use of the email support, we hope to have you leading the life you want.

Key to your success is the visualization of how good your life would be with you in control of your IBS.  You will have ups and downs which you must be prepared for.  It will also take time, while you can alleviate many of the symptoms quickly, you cannot undo all the psychological damage instantly.  That takes time, support and patience.

To that end you must be determined, but not judge-mental.  If you have a bad day, do not beat yourself up, rational thinking is vital if you are to achieve your goals.

IBS - Why Me ?

People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them.”
 George Bernard ShawMrs. Warren's Profession

Why me ? -  IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome