We always like to try something new, and this certainly is very new to us.  Based upon Tibetan Medicine Ibx is an interesting blend of natural substances, from peppermint through to aloe, which claim to assist digestion.

In particular they aim to assist the bloating and cramps associated with IBS, along with the required assistance for regular  bowel movements.  There are a myriad of products which offer similar relief, so we were fascinated as to whether these actually worked.

As ever, we like to specify that there was only one person participating in the trial, so our review does not reflect a fair view of the product.  We would heartily recommend that anyone thinking of buying this product does so after reading the reviews from, as they come from a broader spectrum of sufferers.


Product Description

Size: 120 capsules

For Comfort and Relief from Intestinal Distress

Used regularly, IBx™ supports healthy bowel function by soothing tissues, improving intestinal tone and normalizing bowel movements.

Research shows that the herbal blend in IBx effectively relieves bothersome gastric complaints.*  It reduces discomfort from gas, bloating, and cramping.*  It normalizes your elimination and improves bowel control.*  Rely on proven IBx to soothe your intestinal distress.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Serving size, 2 Capsules; servings per container, 60 IBx Proprietary Blend Rhubarb (root extract) Myrobalan (fruit extract) Ginger (rhizome extract) Peppermint (leaf) Elecampane (root extract) Aloe (leaf gel extract)

The Trial

To begin with, we must state that the product was tested by a sufferer who has endured both IBS-c and IBS-d.  The reaction to the product could have gone either way as the tester has had mixed reactions from various products.

The fairest way to proceed, is to look at whether the product reduced bloating and cramping.  In this respect, this is a very good product.  For a natural product it worked swiftly and the usual rumblings had disappeared.  This lead to a rather pleasant period of digestive calm.

This was somewhat shattered when it effected the IBS-d.  If you are constipated, this is a very good product.  If you are not, you would do well to avoid it.  Although it did reduce cramps, its primary service would appear to be for IBS-c sufferers.  That is not to say that it is in any way a bad product.  It is simply a specific product for certain types of IBS.

Sample review:

‘This product goes a long way toward helping with the discomfort of IBS. I don't think you should expect to have the same results for everyone, as each person's system is different, reacts differently, and works at different rates. However, this product is definitely on the right track with the ginger, peppermint, aloe, etc. I think you have to be patient and follow the directions faithfully before you can judge for sure if it works for you.’

Ibx  4.5

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