Keep Going

It is human nature to seek support and empathy from others, there is nothing weak about that.  Connecting with others, who understand your view point is one of life’s great pleasures.  Being able to share thoughts and details with like minded people can be wonderfully uplifting.

This is difficult for IBS sufferers.  While there are forums and groups, which are all excellent, IBS is not something easily discussed.  It is not a dinner table topic, nor is it something you’d generally share with someone you did not know incredibly well. Family may try there best, however it is not the same as being able to talk to someone who genuinely knows and understands how you feel.

If you are brave enough to enter a forum or a local group, it is recommended.  It is so nice to connect with other sufferers, just to be able to speak to someone, who truly knows what you have been through is delightful.  Not everyone is able to do this, and for those of you who do not feel like that would work for you, you will have to rely on your inner strength to get you through.


Dealing with IBS on your own is hard, plain and simple.  Without having a support group around you, you will have to take the blows IBS deals you, and carry on.  Be it the pain of IBS, or the accidents, all of that will have to be dealt with internally.  There is a mountain of psychological data, which suggests that internalising trauma, is mentally unhealthy and this can be seen by the large number of cases of depression associated with IBS.

The fact that IBS is an internal condition, and the ignorance about the severity of some cases of IBS, will lead you to have to deal with a sense of injustice, on top of everything else.  The fact that treatment is often inadequate and many in the Medical Profession treat IBS patients poorly, will add to that feeling.

Defining IBS

If you are lucky enough to have discovered  somebody wonderful, be they a Medical Professional or a Natural Healer, who has come along and solved your IBS for you, that is sincerely fantastic.

If you are working hard with an excellent Gastroenterologist or Doctor and have a great deal of love and support around you, again that is wonderful.

Sadly few IBS sufferers are so blessed.  You may be lucky enough to have well meaning practitioners around you, who are with you all the way, however few do.  For many IBS sufferers, they are isolated, with  a condition few know or truly understand.  They are left to battle IBS alone.

New IBS Sufferers


New to IBS Staying Strong


With so much to contend with, how do you get through ?  If you are dealing with severe IBS on your own, firstly we must say it can get better.  Finding your own way may take time, and it WILL be tough, but you can get there.  However to be successful you must prepare yourself for a lot of highs and lows.  You must be determined and ready to learn.  The greatest tool you have against IBS is knowledge.  Read everything you can and apply the following to it:

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Buddha

You will need to learn to read your body, which is not as easy as it sounds.  You have to understand transit times, of digestion and to correctly match your symptoms to their triggers.  Reading your own body, is key, when you have a high level of understanding you will be back in control.  It is so empowering to be able to know exactly what triggers your IBS and how to deal with it.

While battling IBS is tough, it is worth every difficult minute.  Freedom is what you are fighting for, and you can not put a price on that.  We know that you and do it, and we know that you will get there.  We will always be hear rooting for you!

Staying strong with IBS ?


Knowledge A Journey