Keep Smiling

IBS can bring almost anybody down.  For long term or severe sufferers life can become something of a battle.  One thing for certain is that keeping your spirits us can prove to be an immense challenge at times.

Having been through this ourselves we do not hope that these words or this page is regarded as flippant. We know that many sufferers endure a great deal of pain.  All of which makes it so important to retain as much of you inner strength as possible.

Choose your poison.

Whatever means you choose to keep yourself in good spirits, it is imperative that you do not allow yourself to be swamped by IBS.  Lots of sufferers end up becoming imprisoned by IBS which can lead to further complications with depression.

Avoidant Personality Disorder can also arise in IBS sufferers.  When the simplest of tasks becomes effected by IBS, over time sufferers can simply choose to avoid any situation which may cause them peril.  Again this cocooning approach is not good for health in any sense.

What we are simply recommending therefore, is that you ensure that during each day you do something that you love, something that gives you a great deal of pleasure, and to use that pleasure to get you through.

We know that it is not simple, but good general health and happiness goes further than food and diet, it is about the way and spirit we conduct ourselves.  Having done it myself I know the perils of becoming engulfed by IBS and negative spiral it created.  We urge you take your life and IBS by the scruff of the neck and own it.

Its not easy to keep smiling with  IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Keep Smiling Through