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Beyond the obvious advantages of increasing your IBS knowledge, come the added benefits.  Many IBS sufferers have very mixed feelings about their Doctors and IBS.  Some may try their hardest, but not really get anywhere, some may simply be wonderful, however some are utterly dismissive of IBS, leaving you on your own.

From the moment you come into contact with Doctors the more pertinent information the more likely you are to be able to receive effective treatment.  If you know, or at least have an idea about the triggers for your IBS, you can save an awful lot of time going through unpleasant examinations and tedious head scratching.

A sound diagnosis of IBS takes time, and that is something that the medical profession often lacks.  It can take a very long time to get to the route causes, if you ever get there at all, and this may be the reason a large number of Doctors are unable to devote the time required to a condition, which in their eyes is generally low on the list of priorities.

About you

Learning about your own body, can be one of the very hardest lessons of all.  It is so easy to mistake the signals our body sends us.  In particular, the digestive process takes a great deal of time, this we may misappropriate the symptoms of IBS.

For example if you have just eaten something, and your IBS flares up, it is more likely to have been caused by something you ate earlier, as opposed to the thing you have just eaten, however the association is very hard to make.  Learning about digestive transit times can be highly beneficial

Finding the answers

One of the greatest tools in the battle against IBS is knowledge. Whether it be knowing the condition, or knowing your body and how it reacts.  The more you know the simpler it is to react to the problems you face.

The purpose of this website is to give you that knowledge.  To help you discover just what may be causing your symptoms and how to deal with them.   

This may be through changes of diet, or even lifestyle, however we hope to arm you with the information you require to return your life back to you.  

IBS Knowledge

The Battle

Dealing with IBS is  a battle, and like any battle the worst thing you could do is fail to prepare.  It will be tough, and it will be hard, but it is worth it.  To be successful you will need to go into this with your eyes open and and your mind clear.

The greatest tool you will have is your mind and your knowledge.  One of the problems with IBS is the width of the symptoms associated.  Remember IBS is a syndrome, it is not one condition. When sifting through all the information out there remember that you are looking for the information pertinent to you.

What is IBS ?


Redefining IBS