The Viva Mayr Diet  promises a flatter tummy and younger skin in just 14 days - with no faddy fitness routines and no intensive crash dieting. Smart, simple and achievable, this intelligent diet series takes the gimmicks out of dieting, we ask if it can help IBS.

The programme has been developed by Dr Harald Stossier from a popular 80-year-old Austrian medical spa 'cure' devised originally by Dr Franz Mayr, the first person to make a direct link between digestive health and overall health and attractiveness.

By following a programme that enhances natural digestive processes, Stossier says that within 14 days his diet will not just help you to lose a substantial amount of weight, but it can also put an end to bloating and digestive problems, give you more energy and clearer skin - and might even help you sleep better. Easy to follow, with no calorie counting or living off cabbage soup for weeks, the Viva Mayr Diet promises to change your eating habits and shape for ever.

The Mayr Diet

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A glass of wine at dinner and a flatter stomach in 14 days? Yes girls, it can be done! The Viva Mayr Diet is the savvy diet for people in the real world who want to get a bikini body and revamp their health with ease. It's based on the world-famous Viva Mayr spa clinic in Austria, the hottest health and weight loss destination in Europe.

After 14 days your stomach will be flatter, your skin will be glowing, you'll have a spring in your step and you'll be well on your way to getting a fabulous beach babe body. You'll feel so good you'll want to make The Viva Mayr Diet a way of life - and let's face it girls, if you want to make a permanent dent into those love handles you've got to look a bit further into the future. The difference is that after the 14 days you'll be hooked and it should feel as natural following The Viva Mayr Diet as it is reaching for your lip gloss.

Dr Harald Stossier, the medical genius behind it all, has teamed up with Helena Frith Powell, former serial dieter and author of Two Lipsticks and a Lover. Together they will take you through the simple principles of the diet, open your eyes to why following it makes perfect sense and walk you step-by-step through the 14-day practical plan. Dr Stossier and Helena also share their experiences of following the diet with rare insight and humour, telling you what to expect, how to avoid any pitfalls and how to reap the benefits of looking and feeling better than you have done in years.

The Trial

Chewing is at the heart of the Mayr Diet. Mastication introduces enzymes into you food, and lets the digestive system begin its function.  By ensuring that food is properly chewed, it will create matter that is simple for the body to convert into vital nutrients.

Ensuring that you eat plenty early in the day and do not eat big meals in the evening will also reduce the strain.  In particular raw food should not be eaten later than four p.m. wherever possible.   Meat is best eaten early and easy to digest meats such as Turkey and Chicken are advised.  Meat digestion requires a lot of acid to be produced, and the digestion process ‘rots’ the meat.  Mayr suggests eating meat one day and not the next can be advisable..

If you do have a high protein diet it is likely that you produce a lot of acid during digestion.  The body prefers a neutral PH so it is imperative to eat alkaline foods to balance the body s PH  levels. It is also imperative to drink plenty of water.

While the diet as a whole has a number of issues for IBS sufferers, overall there are sound ideas behind the diet.  It definitely improved the well being of the digestive system and there are tips that should be heeded.  It is not tailored to IBS, however it does have some validity.

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